Fast and easy-to-use image resizer and converter with support for 50+ formats
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ImageSizeReducer Pro is a compact image editing tool that allows you to change both the size and the format of your image collection. It offers you two different resizing options – either by changing the height and width of the image lowering the number of pixels in both dimensions, or by specifying a percentage of the original size. Besides, it can also be used as a simple batch conversion tool (supporting nearly 50 output formats), or combine both tasks in one single operation.

Its batch capabilities – together with the large number of image formats supported – is probably the main asset of ImageSizeReducer Pro. However, you are advised to use this powerful feature carefully especially when resizing your entire collection, unless all your images are the same size. I would recommend that you select the smallest image first, reduce it to the target size, and see what the results are. If the selected percentage or number of pixels work fine with that one, chances are that all the other (larger) images will look good after a bulk resizing process. A good strategy is to keep the “don’t enlarge smaller images” box checked, to avoid excessive pixelation in small files.

Batch conversion is extremely easy and fast. Besides, you will find that ImageSizeReducer Pro supports all the image formats you have already read about and some others you do not come across that often. Thus, together with the popular BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, GIF, or PNG, you will be happy to discover some of the most widely used proprietary image formats, such as PSD for PhotoShop, PCT for Apple Quickdraw, PDF for Palm, PCD for Photo CD, or MAT for MATLAB.

The program’s interface could not be simpler, so both novice and professional users are welcome to try it. Its image preview panel comes in very handy when dealing with hundreds of cryptic image file names.

Francisco Martínez
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